Federal and Confederate Cavalry Training Course 2011




During the 2011 year, there will be a Civil War Cavalry Training Event sponsored by the 7th Ohio Cavalry Reg’t.  This Cavalry course will be at:


  7th Ohio Cavalry Headquarters, Camp Acton

                                            next to the KOA campsite

                                               7061 Soledad Canyon Rd

Acton, CA 93510-2222






** Dismounted and Infantry units are welcomed to use part of the training area, so other unit commanders can train their men.**


There will be training on:

1.  Care for the horse.

2. The different formations and commands.

3. We will go out on a patrol (Trail ride) and practice all the different formations.

4.  Battlefield desensitizing your mount (Advance course).


There can be no compromise on drill. Drill is mandatory. Without it you become a danger to yourself, others around you, your horse and yourself. We drill as often as we can and that is not enough. Unfortunately, to our families, it’s just about right. This hobby is both a learning process for you and one for your horse. It is also a team effort. In battle, the original cavalrymen trained, drilled and fought together as team. Individuality could get you killed in battle. Each one of your fellow cavalrymen not only had assigned tasks, you depended on them to do their job and they depended on you to do yours.

The 7th Ohio Cavalry depends on you and you on them in very much the same way today. In drill each must know what the other is doing, on the field each must be where he should be in order for the other to be where they should be. In a re-enactment, all must maneuver together as we all depend on the other to accomplish our goal. When it all comes together, there is no greater feeling than the one obtain by working as a team and accomplishing a goal. We are cavalrymen.

We use Cook's Cavalry manual for both our mounted drill. It is one of the few manuals that cover everything from files to evolutions of the line for division size cavalry. It use and study could become a lifelong conquest to the cavalry enthusiast.


There is plenty of room for camping and trailer space. So bring your horse!

For more information:

call (661) 618-8266


Email us at ohio7thcav@yahoo.com


Thank you, and hope to see you when Boots And Saddles is called!


Lieut. Jeff Thompson,

7th Ohio Cavalry Reg’t


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