Mission Statement


We are more than just a Civil War reenacting unit. We are a group of equine energized riders.


During the 2011 campaign year we will be offering;

Trail rides that offer a goal; some will be over nights in great locations and challenges for you and your horse. There is no alcohol while in the saddle, we are not going to be your babbysitter (we do allow alcohol after the ride), we do more than just walk, we trot and canter going for distance and time. Just like the real Cavalry, you will be dismounting and walking to rest your horse at times.

Parades and support for local events.

Civil War events around Southern California.

Camp of Instruction; to help you bombproof your horse and learn to build more confidence in yourself and your horse.

Training courses to help you lead your horse and offer the leadership your horse needs and wants from you.

Local horse shows we will hopefully provide a Mounted color guard and have the opportunity to show our shooting and saber skills.


We will also be having two major goals in 2011.

First will be the Death Valley trail ride lasting 6 days and covering 125 miles in November.

Third will be the gear up for the 150th Gettysburg event in 2013 in July in Pa.


There is so much more to do then just trail ride, so if any of this sounds interesting to you email and come out and join in on the fun.

 If you are a event coordinator, and are looking for riders to support your event, please email us your event flyer or conact us, and we will try to support you. All we ask for is at least a two week advance notice.

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