Cavalry Clinics

During the 2011 season, the 7th Ohio Cavalry reenacting unit is offering training clinics to assist you in understanding the fundamentals of horsemanship.






A trail ride is more than just riding down the trail at a walk… this can become dangerous to you, your horse, and others if you don’t know how to control or understand your horse.  

We teach and use the same building blocks troopers learned in the 1800’s to become accomplished riders. You’ll learn with hands on technique that are proven to make you a more confident and better rider, and allowing your horse to understand that you are the leader in the relationship.

 You must be able to mount your horse from the ground, if you cannot these Cavalry Clinics are not for you.

Fundamentals that will be covered are:

1)      Basic ground work, the key to building a communication between you and your horse.

2)      Understanding the proper (Military) seat while riding.

3)      Establishing proper no pain respect for you and your horse.

4)      Understanding aids and how to properly use it or them.

5)      Understanding the 5 parts of the horse, and how to supple the parts.

6)      Understanding proper saddle and tack fitting.

7)      Building confidence using obstacles and more obstacles.

8)      Cavalry style formation rides and learning the speed of walk, trot, and canter.

9)      Bomb proofing a safe and proper way.

10)   How to install an emergency stop or break.

11)   Plus many more training techniques.

So if you’re ready to have fun with your horse and really want to build a relationship with your horse, sign up and join us at one of our Cavalry clinics.

Training clinics fill up fast and we only have room for 30 riders. So don’t delay for you’ll need to register to participate.  There will be no walks on allowed.

 email at to register.


Horses name

City you are from

Date you are planning on attending

Prior horse experience or discipline



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