G & M mercantile                (760) 240-7525             Ask for Gary  www.gnmmercantile.com


Uniforms and equipment: Best to buy at event to get package deals and to make sure it fits first time.


Valentines Sutlery               (760) 257-3654             http://www.valentinesutlery.com

Blacksmith items,camp firepit.


 Carrico's Leatherworks 811 5000 Road Edna, KS 67342 620-922-7222  http;//www.carricoleather.com

 Top quality and stands behind his work.

Shawns custom  saddles & tack  1(888) 752-4383 or  (325) 659-4747    http://www.saddles-tack.com

Top quality McCellan saddles and tack for horse.


Milk creek sutlery                                                    http://www.milkcreek.com

Great place to find deals online and ship the items out fast.


Cookes Cavalry tactics REGULATIONS online                         http://www.usregulars.com

This is the best way to read and learn the required information we will be training on. Also there is a link to Baxters instructions for volunteers 91861) dismounted training.



 Great information on unifroms and equipment


 8th Texas Cavalry (Terry's Texas Rangers) Company B    http://www.8thtxcav.org

A great buch of guys and friends.




More to come.

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