As a member of the 7th Ohio Cavalry, from time to time, you will be requested to galvanize, which means that you will wear a Confederate uniform and portray a Confederate trooper. Sometimes there just aren't enough re-enactors available to stage a proper re-enactment. This is a common practice, and all units that do a Union impression are required, on occasion, to suit up in the Gray, If you are strongly opposed to this and refuse to galvanize for an event, then you need to find another unit to join. It is not likely that you will find another unit, as virtually all units have this requirement; it's just part of the hobby. It is not uncommon, for units doing one  impression, to galvanize as the other. The goal in all events is to portray a Civil War engagement that is accurate, balanced, and believable.


The only required items you need to purchase will be;

A Columbus depot style gray, butternut, or Jean wool shell jacket with or without  black trim on the collar and/or cuffs either in gray or butternut wool or Jean wool. Try to avoid shell jackets with yellow trim, since it was mainly used in the Eastern Confederate Army.

Any Confederate hat of your choice.  If you perfer to wear a kepi make sure it is a gray wool without the yellow trim.

The rest of your federal uniform and equipment will be ok to use. 

Milk Creek sutlery sells a Texas butternut wool shell jacket at a great price with the black trim and Texas buttons already on. You can order it with the Texas buttons or the "C" only, the CSA buttons were mainly used in the Eastern Confederate Army. When ordering ask for 5 or 6 buttons down the front as per the orginial. They also sell a great Jean wool shell jacket, once again make sure you order it with 5 or 6 buttons only.

There are also Battle shirts available, which are shirts with ribbon around the sleeves and around the pockets.


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